Exploring New Modality Space by Precision Chemistry

MercachemSyncom Digital Conference

 Online    October 7-8, 2020

The first MercachemSyncom Digital Conference will take place on October 7-8, 2020. Two online Sessions will be organised from 16:00-18:30 CEST. The focus of this two-day Conference will be Exploring New Modality Space by Precision Chemistry.

We are increasingly moving into the realm of what was, until recently, considered an undruggable target space. To do this successfully we are adopting novel approaches to drug discovery, often broadly defined as New Modalities. This symposium will showcase recent advances in the new modality space, including targeted delivery, conjugates, molecular glues, etc. with a particular focus on the underlying, very often challenging chemistries required to assemble these types of unconventional substances.

More information on the programme as well as online registration will soon be available on this website. Stay tuned!